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Migration Details

Q: When is the official migration?
A: The migration will take place on March 15, 2023. You may only begin the migration on that day onwards.

Q: What should I do to migrate?
A: You may find the migration guidelines in the following article. We have ensured that that this migration will take as less effort for you.

Q: What will happen to the transactions in my DOKU Back Office?
A: Your transaction data will be saved and moved into the new DOKU Dashboard. This includes all transactions in the past 1 year from the migration date (15 March 2023).

Q: Do I need to create a new account in the new DOKU Dashboard?
A: No. In order to gain access to the new DOKU Dashboard, you would only need to complete the migration by logging in to the DOKU Back Office. We will automatically migrate your existing account to the new DOKU Dashboard.

Q: Does this affect my existing API integration with DOKU?
A: No. You are also not required to integrate with the new DOKU API unless you would like to activate new payment methods. If you are interested to integrate with the new payment methods, you may refer to the new DOKU API documentation here

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