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DOKU Dashboard & Features

Q: How do I explore the new DOKU Dashboard?
A: You can explore the new features and tools that DOKU Dashboard provides by using DOKU Sandbox. DOKU Sandbox is a safe and controlled environment for you to test and play around with the new DOKU Dashboard without involving any real payment or transaction. You can also simulate a payment without using real funds.

Q: What is Brand/Client ID?
A: Brand/Client ID is a number that identifies each of your brand. If you are a Chain Merchant and possess multiple Mall IDs, you will have multiple Brand/Client IDs as well.

Q: What is the difference between Mall ID and Brand/Client ID?
A: Brand/Client ID is similar to Mall ID, with the only distinction that Brand/Client ID will be used only if you would like to integrate with new payment methods. Both Brand/Client ID and Mall ID will also be used if you would like to report any issue to our Merchant Support Team (, you may include either your Brand ID or Mall ID.

Q: What is the difference between PayBuddy and Payment Link?
A: Payment Link provides more advanced tools to have your settings customized such as notification and email. Visit the article about Payment Link to learn more.

Q: Will I have the same payment methods in the new DOKU Dashboard?
A: Yes. You are also free to activate even more payment methods that were not available in DOKU Back Office. Please note that any new payment methods that will be activated will require you to use the new Brand/Client ID and not the previous Mall ID for integration purposes.

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