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Team Management


The new DOKU Dashboard allows you to add your team members and give them access to the dashboard. Unlike DOKU Back Office, DOKU Dashboard allows you to do this without our assistance!

Each member has their own role and access level that they are assigned to. There are 5 different roles of user in the new DOKU Dashboard. The following is a list of permissions of what each role can do:






Customer Service

Create and manage Payment Link

Set up and manage products on e-Katalog

View, export, and manage transaction report

View transaction and settlement

View order from Checkout Page

View and update business information

Manage service and payment methods

Invite, edit, and remove Team Member

Manage merchant billing (invoices)

Access to Notification Center

Configure payment settings

Configure Checkout Page interface settings


We provide a history log where you can track the activity of each team member in the dashboard.

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