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The new DOKU Dashboard provides an easy access to all the tools that you need to manage your online transactions, refunds, and settlements without our assistance. The following is a list of self-service features that you can do with DOKU Dashboard:

Check TransactionEvery transaction - be it successful, failed, or pending - is recorded by DOKU, and you are enabled to check each transaction all in one page.
Check SettlementWe keep track of every single settlement that we have done, and you are enabled to see all of the settlement batches in one page. You can also search and filter the settlement batch from their date, amount, and status.
Export ReportWith a single click of a button, you can export all of your transactions in a selected date range in a form of an excelsheet. This report will list the complete data of each transaction including the invoice number, customer name, transaction amount, transaction status and many more.
Custom Checkout PageDOKU provides a dynamic customizable checkout UI where you can add your business name and logo on the checkout page. You are also enbaled to set the default language of the checkout page and change colors to fit the aesthetics your business logo.

Please note that some tools may not be accessible for certain roles. Visit Team Management article to learn more about the access level for each role.

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