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What is e-Katalog?

e-Katalog allows you to build your online catalog where your customers may shop and browse your products easily. The following is the list of features that you can do with e-Katalog:

  1. Build your online catalog within minutes
    No code or integration is needed
  2. Easily showcase your product through social media
    Reach your potential customer easily through a copy link product feature and share it
  3. Shipping with your preferred third party logistic
    We provide your customer with various 3PL like JnT, SiCepat, JNE, Tiki, and many more to ship your product
  4. Automatically receive success payment notification
    Your customer will be notified for every single transaction process via email
  5. Accept donation
    Donation can be both open amount or fixed amount

Try DOKU e-Katalog with DOKU Sandbox.

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