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How to apply a promo code in the checkout page?

Applying a promo code during checkout allows customers to save on their purchases. Here's a step-by-step guide on how your customers can apply a promo code to their payment:

1. Setting up a Promo:

Before applying a promo code, it first needs to be set up and configured. If you haven't done this yet, please refer to our guide on how to set up a promo here.

2. Viewing Promo List: 

Once configured, the list of available promos can be accessed during checkout. To view the available promos, click on the "See Promo" button that is seen on the checkout page.

3. Selecting a Promo:

Upon clicking the "See Promo" button, a list of available promos along with their descriptions and conditions will be displayed. Customers can freely choose the promo that best fit their preferences.

4. Saving Promo on Checkout Page:

After selecting a promo, the checkout page shows the discounted amount as well as the eligible payment methods that qualify for the promo.

5. Reviewing Promo and Payment Amount:

The discounted amount will be clearly shown beside the original total. Customers can proceed with the payment by entering their payment credentials, such as a credit card number or any other relevant information required for their chosen payment method.

6. Completing the Payment:

Once the payment information is provided and validated, customers can finalize the payment. The discounted amount corresponding to the applied promo code will be reflected in the final payment.

   Need Help?

If you encounter any issues while applying a promo code, please submit a ticket to DOKU Care or send an email to

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