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What is Payment Link?

Payment Link is an e-invoice that is used to accept payment digitally from your customers. This link can be shared to your customers using WhatsApp, SMS, Email or any of your preferred platform with just a simple copy-and-paste. Payment Link will lead the customers to DOKU's checkout page where customers can make payments using any of the payment methods that you have activated from the DOKU Dashboard. You can create Payment Link via the DOKU dashboard or via Social App (e.g, WhatsApp). The following list consists of the many features that DOKU Payment Link provides:

No CodeYou don't need to have a website to generate a payment link. No coding or technical integration is required.
Cross-PlatformsYou can create Payment Link using the DOKU Dashboard (via browser) and WhatsApp (via app). This means that you will not need to be on your computer at all times to generate a payment link!
Custom Checkout PageDOKU provides a dynamic customizable checkout UI where you can add your brand name and logo on the checkout page. You are also enbaled to set the default language of the checkout page and change colors to fit the aesthetics your brand logo.
Expiration DateAlthough the default expiration date of Payment Link is 60 minutes, you can freely set the expiration date for each payment link that you would like to create. This payment link can be valid up to one year after it has been created.
Notification and Email SettingsYou can also choose to send payment link notifications to your email and to your customers. This notification ranges from payment link creation, payment, and expiration.
Detailed Payment InstructionsYou don't have to worry about your customers not knowing how to make the payment. DOKU checkout page provides the latest “how to pay” instructions to ensure that the customer will have the best and seamless payment experience.
Real-time Monitoring
You can monitor all of the transactions real-time from the DOKU dashboard. You are also enabled to search and filter the transaction based on the status (paid, pending, and expired), date created, customer name, payment methods used, and many more.

   DOKU Sandbox

Are you interested in using DOKU Payment Link? Visit DOKU Sandbox to test it out!

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