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What is the difference between DGPC, MGPC, and DIPC?

Feature TypeDescription
DOKU Generated Payment Code (DGPC)
Merchant sends a payment request to DOKU, and DOKU will create the unique payment code and send it to Merchant.

This is suitable for an e-commerce business model.
Merchant Generated Payment Code (MGPC)Merchant generates their own payment code and forwards the payment code to DOKU.

This is suitable for a top-up payment.
Direct Inquiry Payment Code (DIPC)Merchant first registers the payment code, and DOKU will forward the inquiry request to Merchant when a customer chooses to make a payment.

This is suitable for a top-up payment, especially for static Virtual Account.

The default feature type for any payment method is DGPC. When another feature is activated, you will have to choose which feature will you be using for a particular transaction. You can have more than one feature activated for 1 payment method, but a transaction cannot be generated with 2 features at the same time.

   Activating MGPC and DIPC

If you would like to use MGPC or DIPC, you may contact your account manager or submit a ticket to DOKU Care to activate the feature.

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