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When will I receive the money from my transactions?

DOKU will transfer/settle the funds to the bank account that you have registered in the DOKU Dashboard. The settlement period varies for every payment method and the settlement scheme (aggregator or direct). If your payment method uses the direct settlement scheme, the settlement period will be based on your agreement with the bank or payment channel.

The following is the settlement period table for Aggregator Settlement scheme based on each payment method and payment channel:

Payment MethodPayment Channel or
Acquiring Bank
Settlement Period
(Working Days)
Credit CardBRI, BNI, Bank MandiriT+3
Virtual Account

Other banksT+1
DOKU WalletT+1
KredivoTuesdays and Fridays
BRI CeriaT+2
Convenience StoreAlfa GroupT+4
Direct DebitBRIT+2

Digital BankingJenius PayT+2

Daily settlement time is from 12:00-14:00 GMT+7.

The above settlement period only applies to Corporate merchants with a local bank account. Merchants with an overseas bank account or a bank account with a non-IDR currency may have a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly settlement period depending on the agreement with DOKU.


DOKU will not settle your funds if your business account has not been verified.

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